Kiss Me, Baby

Kiss Me, Baby by Cherie Denis
Release Date: October 2015
Length: Short Story
Heat Level: Sweet (PG-13)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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It is His Most High Regent Montclair Twelvetoes’s time to retire, and he finally gets to do what he’s always wanted: see the stars. His people have long spoken of a rich, fascinating planet called Earth, so he hops an interstellar cruiser for this legendary Kazzanian paradise. But nothing, even for a former ruler of Kazza, ever goes as planned.

Christine Morton, a lonely, lovely Earth lady, is living the single life and not particularly loving it. Her soft heart for pets leads her to offer a delightful stray cat a home. But why does his hairy little face seem so familiar?

Monty discovers soon enough why Kazzanians consider Earth such a paradise. It’s not the tuna or the weather. It’s these bipedal creatures called humans, with their fascinating brains and endearing ways. In fact, though on Earth relations between humans and other creatures, shall we say, are taboo, he can’t help but fall for his woman. The problem is convincing her he’s not like other cats.

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