Rina Van Winkle

by Cherie Denis
Length: 16,000 words (a short novella!)
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About the book:

Can he satisfy the dreams she’s never even had?

Rina Van Winkle doesn’t want to be stuck in a laundry mat on a Friday night, dateless and out of clean panties. When the handsome and sophisticated Bram catches her trying to steal his business card off the message board, she figures her Friday can’t get any worse. His mysterious pronouncement that she will know where to go when the time is right doesn’t impress her as much as his sexy body and deep brown eyes.

But it turns out Bram was right. The next night when she can’t sleep, Rina is suddenly filled with the knowledge that she needs to be in the forest in Fairyland Park. And she needs to be there right now. So she follows her inner urges and finds Bram waiting for her, prepared to take her on an adventure that will change who she is for all time.

But it’s that “time” part of the equation that might come between them…

The third in a series of super hot fairy tales! This one's an orgy. Stay tuned for more.