My name is Cherie Denis, and I write erotic romance. The first book I wrote was called Magnolia Farm. I got the idea from a billboard I saw on one of my many trips to Milwaukee. Believe it or not, it is NOT erotica. But I had so much fun writing 'Magnolia Farm', I've been writing ever since. Thanks for stopping by!

Please note that my books (except for Kiss Me, Baby) are for adults only, 18 and up.


  • After a health-related hiatus in 2015-2016, I am back in the writing saddle and working on a contemporary Western romance and republishing my back list. It's good to be exercising the brain again!
  • A former publisher of mine, Secret Cravings Publishing, has regrettably ceased operations. Please stay tuned for re-release dates of my work! But you can still find plenty to read at my Amazon Author Page.
  • Kiss Me, Baby, my PG-13 short story about alien kitties, has been expanded and re-released in October 2015! Check it out at Amazon