Crystal Magic

by Cherie Denis
Length: 13,000 words (a long short story)
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About the book:

A naughty fairy sent to the human lands with a mission—find true love or else!

Crystal Sprite violated the Fairy Queen’s rules concerning seduction of a human—you must get consent! So Crystal is banished to the human lands, her wings and her powers stripped, until she can learn humility and kindness. She must also, the Queen warns, find true love if she wishes to become a full fairy again.

When she meets Tomias, who works for the Fairy Otherworld Outreach Program and who is looking for an intern—a sex intern—she thinks she may have found her calling in life. As far as Crystal’s concerned, her truth isn’t love. It’s using sex to find lost fairy descendants. And also just sex.

But what will Crystal do when she realizes only one man can satisfy her carnal appetites? Is it true love or is Tomias just that good in bed?

This is book 5 of the crazy, fun Fairy Tale Hot-Flash series!