Kiss a Frog

by Cherie Denis
Length: 18,000 words (a short novella!)
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About the book:

When a sorcerer turns Sapphire’s beloved into a toad, she vows to kiss all the frogs until she finds him.

Sapphire lives a life of luxury because her father is Ronard the Riotous, a mighty sorcerer in great demand. The one thing she lacks is a sex life, since her father thinks no man is good enough for his princess.

After too many men disappear before she has a chance to seduce them, Sapphire’s dreams come true when the sexy new gardener, Joe, turns out to be her perfect partner—intelligent, generous, and oh so creative. She and Joe are headed straight into true love when suddenly he disappears, just like all the others.

It will take all of Sapphire’s gumption and wits to solve the mystery of the vanishing gardener—before the spells the sorcerer cast become permanent.

Note: This book was previously published as “To Kiss A Frog” with Secret Cravings Publishing. This edition has been substantially revised, updated, and given a new cover and a fresh twist.

The second in a brand-new series of super hot fairy tales! Stay tuned for more.