Ella Unmasked

ella unmasked coverELLA UNMASKED
by Cherie Denis
Length: 20,000 words
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Ella has worn a mask of responsibility all her life…but what happens when she takes it off to find true love?

Ella, the half-fairy daughter of a human duke, has been obedient all her life, respecting her father and stepmama and mastering the tasks involved in the management of a large estate. She is kind to her sisters and to everyone of all social classes and species. But when Ella gets invited to the Twenty Year Fairy Gala and her jealous stepmama and sisters do not, she realizes the time has come for her change into the woman, the fairy, she was meant to be.

When she runs into deliciously handsome Prince Berich at the gala, her heart soars and her loins throb. Though blessed with little magic herself, something, fate, pushes her into his arms. Yet after he expresses his distaste for her human family, she fears their love will not survive the test of their first holiday together—much less the test of time.

Will Ella be unmasked before Berich at last or wear her guise forever?

This is book 7 of the Fairy Tale Hot-Flash series. Get started today!