Let: Excerpt 2


Cia was putting the finishing touches on a new drawing of Let when he spoke behind her.

“I have come, girl.”

She jumped. She had been thinking of him, and suddenly he was with her. She turned and greeted him with a smile. He was closer than she’d thought. He was so close she could smell his man-smell and feel his heat. Cia’s face grew hot. She wanted him so much. She could not wait for their official mating.

Let stepped closer and rubbed his nose on Cia’s. She sucked in a deep breath and without thinking touched her lips to his. Lip touching was not accepted practice for the un-mated.

Why shouldn’t they touch lips? It was lovely and made her cunt wet and her belly feel hollow.

The touch of his lips on hers always thrilled her and made her cunt swell with hunger. He was the first man she had touched lips with. The other men she had only fucked to learn how to be a good mate.

The first time she had touched her lips to his, Let had stepped back, nearly falling. His beautiful, dark face had turned pale. It had startled them both, but the second time had been better, and the third had set off a fire inside both of them. Cia had barely been able to keep from mating with him.

Let had been more alert than Cia. He had eventually put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her gently away. His cock had stood out from his belly like a tree trunk from the earth.



“What did we do, Cia?” Let had asked.

“Gem calls it kissing. Do you like it?”

He had nodded.

“Good. I think we should do it again.”

Let had grinned and opened his arms. Cia had leaned close to him and touched her lips to his. This time, the lip touching had lasted a lot longer and made Cia feel funny in her cunt.

She had stepped even closer to Let and trapped his cock between them. His hot cock had burned against her belly, branding her for life.

Now, every time they were alone, Cia kissed Let, and Let kissed back. He was a quick learner, which pleased Cia greatly. He was going to make a fine mate and partner of a clan leader.

Cia wanted to giggle. Kissing was exciting not only for her. Let was enjoying it, too, because as always, his cock was becoming hard, hot, and large against her. His broad, dark hands rose and covered her tits. Gem had called her tits “breasts” today in the pool. Cia liked the new word.

“Yes,” she moaned against Let’s mouth. “Touch my breasts.”

Let opened his eyes and moved his head a fraction of an inch. “A new word? ‘Breasts’?”

Cia put her hands over his and pressed. “Yes, these are breasts. Do you like my breasts?”

Let groaned and gave her breasts a gentle squeeze. “Oh, yes. I like your breasts.” He pinched her nipples, which immediately responded by tightening into firm beads. “What are these?”

“You like feeling them, don’t you, Let?”

“Yes. What are they?” He swept a rough finger over the tip of her breasts.

“Ahhhh.” Cia writhed under his fingers. “Nipples. They are nipples.”

“Oh. I will taste,” Let demanded, leaning close. He didn’t wait for her agreement. His long tongue flicked out and touched the tip of one nipple, and Cia’s legs trembled. Her cunt began to weep, the honey running down the inside of her thigh.

No man affected her like Let could. She had relieved many men of their man-juice when they’d demanded her attention, but none of them were as wonderful as Let.

It was accepted by the cave-dwellers that if a man’s cock needed relief and his mate was not available, either because she was bleeding or had just given birth, he could demand attention from any woman in the cave.

Cia was acknowledged as an excellent relief-giver.

Let’s cock brushed against her belly, and Cia reached down to touch him. His skin was so hot, slick, and smooth. She couldn’t wait to taste his man-juice and to feel his cock slide into her cunt.

Let continued to be mesmerized by her breasts and nipples. This was the first time she had let him touch her, and he didn’t have enough words to tell her how he was feeling.

Her fingers pushed back the hood covering his cock, and drops of man-juice wet her hand. She smoothed the man-juice over the tip of his cock, and Let’s hips bucked.

“Yes,” Let groaned against her mouth. “Yes, Cia. Touch me more.”

“Like this?” Cia stroked his long cock slowly. Her single hand was not large enough to fit around his cock, but her other hand was busy stroking his firm balls.

“Ahhh.” Let groaned and began to sink to the floor of the cave. Since his long fingers still clasped her breasts, Cia followed him down, anxious to continue. The game they were playing was dangerous and could get them both punished. No one mated until the elders gave their approval and they had not received official approval.

The cave floor was colder than the white moisture that covered the plains in the winter moons, and Cia shivered when her knees hit the ground. Let groaned, and Cia whispered, “Keep silent, or we will be found, Let.”

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(c) 2010 Cherie Denis