Let: Excerpt 1


Ah, Cia, his soon-to-be mate. She had promised herself to him when he was only a small child. She had said they would mate as soon as he reached his eighteenth summer. How many more passings of the moon would he have to wait? The moon of tiny yellow flowers had bloomed and died, a reminder that the cold months were past. The moon of the green leaves had come and gone. Now, the trees were filled out and shaded the clan as the god of light, Tec, grew stronger and stronger. The moon of sweet berries was here now.

His mother said it was his birth month. Finally, he was old enough to take a mate. Cia.

Let had to believe his mother about his birth month because his mother and father had found him sleeping under a tree many, many moons ago. His new mother guessed that when they found him he was almost forty-eight moons old. It had taken her a long time and a great deal of marking on the ground to decide his birth moon. Since he could no longer remember when they had found him, his mother was always right.

Now, Let unfurled three fingers as he counted. Only three more passings of Tec and it would be official, he would be eighteen. The elders would then let him mate with Cia. He couldn’t wait. They would mate for as long as Cia would have him or until death took one of them.

The problem was that when Cia had been just a small child, the clan shaman had told her mother and father that one day she would have her own clan.

Let worried so much about whether the elders would let them mate that Cia had approached the elders about mating with Let not long ago, and they saw no problem with the mating of Cia and Let. The elders felt Let was a strong man and would be a perfect mate for Cia.

Cia had told Let that one day she would have her own clan, and she wondered if he would be bothered by her being a leader. Let hadn’t taken long to decide he cared for Cia as more than just a friend, and he promised to be her help-mate.

One day, they would have their own clan, but in the meantime, they had to wait until he was old enough to join with Cia. He was very happy he would soon have her and wouldn’t have to spill his seed on the ground.

Let ran a hand over his flat, firm belly. Three passings of Tec were manageable. It was a bearable amount of time. After all, he’d been waiting many summers for this day to arrive. He could wait a few more days. His cock probably didn’t agree, but he would simply have to relieve himself more often. It would help the time to pass.

The only other things he had to pass the time were hunting with his friend Og and drawing on the walls of the cave.

From the pool came the sounds of Cia and Gem enjoying themselves. Gem murmured and moaned. The water rippled and rolled as the two writhed against each other’s slippery bodies. They reminded him of two playful otters he’d seen in the nearby river rubbing against each other.

Let spewed his man-juice on the ground twice more before the women were finished with their play. Eventually, Gem rubbed her nose against Cia’s and climbed out of the pool to dry her body with a large rabbit skin. Cia rose from the water, and Let sighed. She was so beautiful with the golden drops of water running off her body.

Drops rolled down her tits and shimmered on the tips.

His cock was getting sore from the chafing of his work-hardened hands, and yet he couldn’t stop. It was Cia. He needed her. He needed her body, her heat against him under a bearskin rug at night by his fire. He felt something deep inside, a feeling he couldn’t explain or name. Maybe Cia would have a name for what he was feeling.

Let was almost relieved to watch Cia and Gem leave the pool and walk back toward the cave. He had blown his seed so many times he was drained dry, leaving the ground around his feet slick with man-juice and his cock aching.

He wasn’t sure he could go on like this much longer. He was wasting a lot of baby-making juice. Juices he should be sharing with Cia.

Beautiful Cia.

Her long, dark hair streamed down her back, nearly touching her muscular thighs. Her hair always reminded Let of the waterfall rolling over the cliffs after a summer rain, and the color was much like his morning drink, a brew his mother made of dark beans and water. No, the color was more like the fur of the finest antelope as it ran across the plain under the bright light of the setting of Tec.

No one knew Let had touched Cia’s hair many times, and no one but Cia knew how much he hungered for her. The only thing the cave-dwellers knew about them was that one day, they would mate, and soon after, Cia would become leader of her own clan.

No one stopped them from working together on Let’s drawings. Let would use charcoal to draw, and Cia colored in the drawings with something she called paint. She made the paints from different berries and insects.

They had chosen the smallest cave at the end of the large main cave for their workroom. When they were there, no one bothered them, and he could touch Cia’s hair and stroke her soft skin as often as she would let him. Cia told him soon he would be able to take off his work apron and stand naked so she could draw him.

“No one will know,” she had told him. He wanted her to draw his body now, but Cia said they would be breaking sacred rules and both could be in deep trouble if they were found and she might lose her chance to have her own clan

Only a few more passings of Tec and Cia would be able to have him drop his apron, and she would draw him with his cock in his hand. The drawing would be very specific, showing drops of his man-juice hitting the ground.

Yes. He would shoot his man-juice on the ground then, too. It was impossible to control himself when he was near Cia. She was more beautiful than Tec, more beautiful than the little flowers blooming in the yellow flower moon.

Her hair, so soft and smooth, smelled of flowers and herbs from the special washing mixture Gem made for her, and her skin smelled of summer and rain. Let could have spent a thousand passings of the moon smelling her skin. He would never tire of her scent or her feel under his long, dark fingers.

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(c) 2010 Cherie Denis