Sex on the Beach Excerpt


He ran his hand up under the leg of her shorts.

“Harry!” She slapped his arm. "Stop. Right this minute. Or, no fucking later."

Okay. At least she wasn’t pretending he wasn't there. He grasped her hand in his and kissed the back of it like a medieval knight. When she didn’t pull away, he continued to hold her smaller hand in his larger one as they walked along the red dirt trail.

“Do I get a hint at least?” He asked.

“I’m bringing the towels in case you want to get wet.” She smiled.

“Oh, I think I like it better when you are wet.”

“You are so naughty, Harry.” She tapped him playfully on the shoulder with her free hand.

“You know what they say about dirty minds…”

“No. My friends don’t have them. So I have no idea what you're talking about.”

“Then I will just have to show you.” He waggled his eyebrows. “After all, they say a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

“You can hear the second hint about where we're going. Just listen.”

"I don't hear anything different. Just the usual seagulls and the surf hitting the shore.

“So we're still playing that game? I thought we were talking about getting you wet.” He growled out the words, as a wave of lust overtook his brain. Sally had no clue she had him under her spell. She was just as clueless as he was helpless to escape her silken trap.

“We are, if you are talking about going for a swim.”

“Swim?” He'd never learned to swim. It was an unfortunate side effect of being raised by parents who were both attorneys too busy to raise their kids. He'd had some great nannies, but they didn't speak much English and weren't very athletic so Harry was always the kid who didn’t know how to catch, didn’t do well in sports of any kind, and had a better chance of drowning than succeeding at swimming. Oh, he'd tried several times over the past thirty-two years. But, he usually sank like a stone.

“Yeah, swim. This beach is great for snorkeling.”

“Oh baby. Can’t we just work on our tan?”

“Even better, if you don’t mind the voyeurs.”

“What do you mean? Why would we draw a crowd. I don’t look that bad in a swimsuit. There's no reason anyone would want to watch us get a tan?”

“Look around.” She waved her hand when they reached the beach.

Harry looked closely. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. People were laid out on beach towels. More people played in the surf. A few guys played Frisbee in the sand, running to catch the flying disc in the air. Pow. He hit his forehead. Everything clicked. This beach was different from every beach he'd been to in the past. His jaw had to be on the sand because Sally was having a good laugh on his behalf. She laughed so hard, she had to bend over to catch her breath.

Harry gasped and said, “I don't know what's so funny. So, it's a nude beach. Big deal.”

“But—but—” She didn't seem to be able to catch her breath.

“But what, Sally. It's no big deal."

"Don't lie Harry? I knew you’d like this.” She deliberately teased him by removing her shirt and revealing her very beautiful naked breasts with pretty pink nipples.

Suddenly he was struck dumb. She was too beautiful for words, and his dick was trying to do all the thinking again.

Whoa. Down boy.

“Sally, are you sure that’s such a good idea?” He watched her eyebrows lift in an unspoken question and ran his hand through his hair sheepishly. He looked around them and all he saw were men. Staring at her. “I mean there’s a lot of guys here.”

“Jealous? You shouldn’t be. I didn’t come with any of them, Harry. I came with you and I’m going home with you. Lighten up. We're going to have a blast. Come on.” Sally grabbed him by the arm and pulled him further up the beach closer to the water. It was a strip of golden sand between the rocks with no lifeguards on duty. All the better, since no one would see him drown. Just a bunch of drooling guys who were staring at his girl.

Which reminded him. “You are damn right I’m jealous. I want to be the only man who sees you naked.”

“Does it matter when you are the only one who can take me home? To tell you the truth

Harry, I’ve always dreamed about being on this beach with other men staring at me and one special man totally turned on. It makes me hot all over.”

Her face turned a dark pink and her nipples tightened. Harry watched her nude upper body turn pink signifying sexual desire. Her secret made her hot and turned him into a blithering idiot. He had to touch her, but there was too big an audience, so he grabbed her hand in his and held it until they reached the spot she picked out for their camp.

He wanted to shout to the gawkers: "She's my woman and she is an exhibitionist. I'm one lucky SOB. Go find your own woman." Every man's secret desire was a woman who was fun, loved sex and enjoyed naughty sexual games. Goddang, this was going to be the best vacation of his life.

Harry rubbed his thumb over her hand. "You know, baby, anything that turns you on, does a double turn on for me. You are so damn sexy."

He stopped and pulled her into his arms and kissed her. No one was in sight at the moment so Harry tuck time to show her exactly how turned on he was by pressing her soft hand against his raging hard on.

“So you’re willing to stay and see if you like it?”

“Yep.” Harry said. He had nothing to be ashamed of. His cock was as big as the next guy's. He just hoped Sally didn't start comparing him to all the other naked men on the beach.

Oh hell. For his lady, he could do this. “I’ll try anything once.”

“Really?!” She looked like she was about to jump up and down—and with her perky breasts he knew he wouldn’t be able to do more than stare. Watching her lovely breasts jiggle would make him get all tongue tied again. And, if she jumped too many times, he'd come all over the place.

“Yeah.” Carefully he took the towel from her and helped her spread out the blanket. And then he took a deep breath and took off his shirt. There. That wasn’t so bad. A quick look around revealed no one was staring yet. He kicked off one shoe and then the other.

Then removed each sock slowly.

He looked up and Sally was already stark naked. It was enough to take his breath away. She was completely comfortable with her nudity, those perky perfect breasts stared him down. He raked hungry eyes over her athletic body, from her lean shoulders down her flat stomach past her neatly trimmed mound straight to her pink painted toes and then back up again.

“Just give me a minute.” In a moment of courage he pushed his shorts and underwear down in one fluid motion to a pile on the ground and stepped out of his clothes.

He looked back at her but he was afraid to look around and see if anyone was staring. Would they be comparing themselves to him? Worse yet, would Sally be comparing sizes? Most women said they didn’t really care about size, but that couldn’t be true could it? He felt the blood drain from his face.

“Are you okay?” Sally cocked her head sideways at him. She must have noticed him go white. “You look like you’re going to get sick.”

His hard on from earlier was gone and he was nearly flaccid. He said a silent prayer that she would wait to compare him until he was at least close to full length. “I’m just nervous. It’s nothing. I'll get over it in a minute.”

“Good. Since I haven’t been here either I’d like to go for a walk and look around.”

“Sally, you are a naughty girl.”

“Who me?”

“Yes. You.”

“It’s not like everyone else isn’t doing what they want.”

“Yes, but there aren’t other gorgeous women here or haven’t you noticed?”

“Bonus for me.” She covered her mouth but he could tell she was hiding a big smile. A dimple appeared on her right cheek when she began laughing.

“And I guarantee every guy here will want a piece of you.”

“Not all guys think about sex all the time.”

“No. I have to disagree. We do. Sex comes up on our minds before eating, sleeping or pretty much anything else.”


“So my pretty, they will be watching you walk, and be picturing how gorgeous your thighs will be spread open for them and how delicious you will taste.”

His mouth began to water just thinking of her spread open for him. He reached for her hands and used them to pull her back against his body. She was soft, pliant and completely unresisting.


“So, do I have to show you how they would see you as a sex object? How they would use your body against you?” He ran his fingers over her arms, caressing her body, slowing when she shivered under his touch, around her ribs and down her ass. Then he gave a light squeeze. “Spread your legs for me, sweetheart.”

“But Harry I—what do you plan to do?” He could see the lust in her eyes but there was a hesitation in her voice. A small amount of panic.

He knelt in front of her and with the slightest pressure she opened for him. He could smell the sweet fragrance of her very aroused pussy. “I am going just the beginning of what every man on the beach wishes he could do. I plan to fuck you with my tongue.” He traced tiny circles around her flat stomach and she ceased to breathe for a moment. It was the biggest turn on to watch her reaction to his touch. “So when you walk by those other men you'll remember who you will be going home with tonight and why.”

He nuzzled his face into her furry mound. One hand covered her sex, felt her dripping liquid juices on his fingers. He parted her lips and found that nub of flesh swollen and ready to be loved. She moaned and pushed her pussy towards his face.

“I don’t know if we should.” Her voice was throaty with desire.

“You’re going to let me, because I know what turns you on. Your secrets out, darling and I’m going to give you what you crave.” He sucked her clit and moved it slowly between his tongue and his teeth. She moaned deeply arching her neck and back. It wasn’t enough for her, so he pushed her thighs wider and pressed two fingers deep inside her. In and out he slipped his fingers inside her slick cunt. She pushed her pussy in his face, riding his hand deeper until he pushed up almost all the way inside of her.

She shattered on his body spasmed against him, her fingers curled into his scalp but he didn’t stop. He pushed her a little harder, moving his tongue faster and sucking harder.

“More!” Her legs were locked on his neck. “Give me more, Harry! Just do it!”

She was testing his control. He wanted to throw her down on the beach and fuck her in front of everybody but that didn’t prove anything. He needed to show her and everyone else that he was in control of her. He owned her - at least for this moment. At this second in time, Sally was his woman. He knew it made him sounded like a cave man, but he needed to have this power as much as she needed others to see her yield to him.

She fell to the sand but he was a relentless master. He demanded her complete and unyielding submission.

He nibbled her clit and she was so wide open for him she took three fingers but none of it was enough, until finally he pushed a fist into her cunt. She took all of him willingly and eagerly gasping for breath before he felt her body began to slow her breathing to a normal level and return to calm.

“Say you belong to me, Sally.”

“As long as you want me, Harry. I’m yours.”

Sally’s eyes were slightly dilated and happily sated. It was more than he could say for himself, looking down, his little soldier sat at attention. Charged at half mast he was ready for more. And more and more. He was afraid he would never get enough of Sally.

His dick was already dripping pre-cum from the tip. It was nothing to be ashamed of, but it wasn’t a good thing on the beach. Sand was all over his cock. And it wasn’t going to come off easily. He needed water.

“You ready for that swim?” He could use the time to get out of the limelight. He didn’t have to look around to know every guy on the beach was staring at them. After all they did just put on a show, and if he washed off his dick in the water at least that much of him wouldn’t be visible to the public.

“Oh your pretty little cock is all sandy!”

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Released 2/2012