Strictly Physical

Strictly Physical by Cherie Denis
Publication Status: To Be Released
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Erotic
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About the book:

Serena's parents have cut off access to her trust fund until she marries and has a child. They're tired of waiting for grandchildren, waiting for Serena and her three sisters to grow up.

So what's Serena to do? She needs the money to support her physical therapy clinic, where she takes in quite a few needy patients pro bono. Is she going to lose her ability to help others because she can't help a man? The problem is, Serena's hasn't really dated since she was attacked by her date on prom night long ago.

Enter Officer Brett Simmons. The burly policeman had shoulder surgery after being shot in a robbery and needs physical therapy to restore him to his former self. Speaking of shoulders, Brett's got a huge chip on his and doesn't want some little, bitty girl telling him what to do. He doesn't care that she's got a degree, though he's definitely interested in what's going on underneath those scrubs.

The walls around Serena's heart begin to crumble and she realizes she's willing to do whatever it takes to get grumpy, gruff Brett into her bed. But is her motivation the trust fund...or is it just Brett himself?

This 45,000 word novella is part of the Stud Service series.

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